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Investing at the speed of culture

Investing at the speed of culture

I'm one of the founding general partners at NoNoise Ventures. All my investments run through NoNoise and The Creative VC is my personal advisory and consultancy.

NoNoise Ventures, a forward-thinking venture capital fund for the creative era, leverages the power of cultural shifts to generate alpha.  We invest in early-stage creative founders that are actively shaping cultural trends.

Creative founders have built some of the world's most iconic brands. From fashion designers like Melanie Perkins, industrial designers like Brian Chesky, musicians like Rihanna, and actresses like Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon, they've proven time and again that creatives can be billion-dollar companies.And, that's why we're here — not only to provide capital, but also de-risk that capital by surrounding our investments with a network of industry experts, and a solid infrastructure to build with the founders.


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